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Welcome to the Southwest Dog Trainers Network,with locations in Englewood Florida and the other the Montreal Dog Trainers Network in Montreal Quebec Canada. For those that are interested in following a career path in the field of dog training & dog behavior or any path related to dogs, you need not look furthur.

The course is divided in to 5 levels, you can register per level or all. Their are certain criteria's that have to be met prior to taking the course. However their are acceptions, and is best to speak with the director. Only the seirios need to apply.
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to see the break down.

Once you sign up, you become part of the elite team.
When you graduate your name will be published on the website so you can be verified by the public that indeed you have taken courses and considered to be qualified.

Classes are given at the Critter Cottage, Located in Englewood Fl.

For those that live outside of Southwest Florida: (Please Note)
You can still take the course, the procedure is still very simple and effective. We use video / skype.
We supply you with all the tools you need.

The course is approximately 1 1/2 hours per sessions followed by E-mail of quizzes, questionairs & Problem solving.
(This also applies to the out of town students as well)

Also note: We work with 1 student at a time, so our undiveded attention is on the student.

If you qualify you can have 2 classes a week.

To speak with a representative Click here

If You Are....

- Looking for a career in Dog training ?

- Interested on opening / running a Business in dog training or a related field?

- Interested to become a specialist in a certain field of canine training ?

Give us a call: 941-447-8234

Dog Trainers School, Specialize in any field of dog training in Southwest Florida

Learn about our network of Dog trainers in Canada









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